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"Nei höbs te, Joa kins te kriege." (quote from my father - 'No' you already have, 'Yes' you can get.)


Au3 is short for Audrey. This nick name I got from my collegue students from Amsterdam.

Born and raised in Maastricht, the South of the Netherlands, I always was creating or organizing creative activities. In my family opera, playing classical music and handcrafting played a very important role. For me it was learning to play the piano and later the saxophone. But I preferred ballet dancing, singing and creating visually. In 2007, after 9 years of working as a PR and internet consultant, I wanted to follow my hart full time by working with glass and giving art workshops.

Through doing glass mosaic I got fascinated at working with glass. With glass you can play beautifully with colors and light. At a Roman art studio I fell in love with the technique glass fusing. I learned the technique working with glass by means of courses. My fantasy, idea and design is leading in the choice for technique and material. The things which inspire me are: Cuba, texture of materials, decay, travel, humor, music, dance, culture, architecture, movies, nature, life itself... who knows what will inspire me in the future :)

I'm not the only one who uses the glass studio. My husband Raymond is regularly experimenting with glass. And Yindi, our sweet and cuddly dog, will greet you wagging her tale.  Arty greets, Audrey Soudant.